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We take an empty house and make it a home.


Showing a vacant home makes the property feel cold, uninviting and small because there is no frame of reference.  Buyers become confused when rooms are not clearly defined; therefore, they are unable to emotionally connect with a home.

When merchandising these properties, we take the approach that we are marketing a lifestyle; the property is showcased like a model, helping buyers connect to the space.


Only 10% of people can visualize what a space would look like furnished, while the other 90% cannot imagine how they would live in the home.


We plan and install stunning furniture and accessories in model homes for developers and property management companies looking to better market their properties.


After assessing your new build, we will develop a design plan that highlights the architectural features.  The design plan will incorporate the latest style trends, and considers the buyer demographic.  


Through our professional associations, we have relationships with vendors that give us discounts on rental furnishings and home decor that we pass on to you.


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